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Word Cookies Review – Tips & Tricks

December 10th, 2018 Posted by Gaming 0 thoughts on “Word Cookies Review – Tips & Tricks”

Word Cookies : Swipe Letters

Bitmango out the big ways while developping his new game : Word Cookies, new word game concept coming out of scrabble and crossword games. They found the winning formula; original layout, nice game play and well chosen levels.

Word Cookies Packs

Word Cookies Packs

The game is divided to packs, each one contain 20 levels where you have to find the hidden word, swipe your finger on the tray letters and beat it.

Word Cookies Butter 03

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes we can get stuck and don’t find the searched word, there are some built-in helps in the game that can be used for free.

Shuffle Button

Use shuffle button will change the letter order on the tray, giving a new look may help you finding the missing word.

Word Cookies Shuffle

Using Hint

Connect every day to earn free coins, in fact the game will add you some gems in order to use them if you really can’t solve the puzzle.

Word Cookies Hint

Word Cookies By Bitmango

Reading the game description can help us to understand the Game :

* Simply swipe to connect each alphabet on the baking pan to form a word
* Fill up Jack’s cookie jar with additional answers to earn extra coins!

* SIMPLE&EASY Enjoyable graphics with easy controls & simple premise
* KEEPS YOUR BRAIN YOUNG Stimulating brain game, highly entertaining & educational for everyone
* SHUFFLE TO REARRANGE Shuffle the alphabets & rearrange the letters to spark recognition
* HINTS AVAILABLE Use hints if you stump upon a word you can’t identify
* NO NEED TO RUSH There is no time limit or penalties for incorrect answers
* DAILY REWARDSPlay every day to earn bonus rewards!

To get an advanced help you can visit : Word Cookies Answers

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